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Static         Oil Removal         Inert Atmosphere

When dealing with Saltwater Disposals, look at the static charge that builds in these facilities. Water is five and one half times more of a static builder than crude oil or finished products. The facilities  are often built from fiberglass tanks. At XTT we ground the liquids in the tank. Our tool is 316 stainless steel that runs all the length of the tanks liquid level.

XTT runs internally inside tanks and can constantly remove all oils from the tanks top level. XTT allows you to never hire a vacuum truck again or to pull the oil from the tank’s top thief hatch. Once the oils are removed the emissions of gas will deplete. Now we can use our vapor line and inject nitrogen from a nitrogen compressor that runs 24/7/365. The tanks will have a constant nitrogen purge flowing through them keeping oxygen and any menial gases from accumulating inside the tanks. The atmosphere in the tanks will be inert. The oils will be constantly removed which will place your SWD in the perfect condition to handle all mechanical, static or lightning situations that can occur.

XTT can also build a fully automated (unmanned) fire suppression system for your tanks. When your tanks catch fire, a camera will detect heat and flame. The camera will send a signal to a solenoid that will open a valve of stored fire foam (CAF). The foam is be pneumatically pushed with 450 pounds of nitrogen pressure sending the fire foam internally inside the tank and releasing the fire foam directly above the tank’s liquid. There will be zero splash to the Hydrocarbons upon fire foam arrival. The foam will be 100% efficient and the temperature of the fire will not have distorted the fire foam. The wind will not carry the fire foam away from the tank fire. Every gallon that is sent shows up in the correct location inside the tank. If the roof is not blown from tanks, fire departments cannot extinguish your tank fires. Once XTT tool is installed the fire department no longer has to drive up to the burning tanks but instead can extinguish a tank fire from a safe distance once you run a pipe away from the tank for the fire department to use. The pipe work can be manifolded a safe distance from the tanks and the firemen can use this line to inject the fire foam and it will release internally inside the hydrocarbon tank.

At XTT we specialize in tanks environmental, safety and fire prevention and suppression. We have answers that work every time.

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