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From the information, knowledge, and training we’ve received from our 40 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, Xtreme Tank Technology has created a multi-patented  product that will remove all vapors from your tank as well as extinguishing tank fires. 

The Xtreme Tank Tool has numerous patents and several years of study. The original design and patent was filed in 1990 before the term "Volatile Organic Compounds" or "Greenhouse Gas" terms were commonly used.  This tool was originally created for only one function but since it works in the "flash zone" it has evolved into a multi-functional tool.

Our purpose is to aid in saving the environment, create a safer working area and potentially save property from fire and human injury. Making profit for the producer off of sales of rich gases is also an added benefit.

Contact us to speak with a representative about vapor recovery and fire suppression technology. We proudly serve the clients of the Permian Basin as well as those nationwide.


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